Contact information.

(second half of emails are all reversed)

A group email (no encryption) that you can use to contact: tlsnotarygroup[moc.laimg@]

TLSNotary to date is primarily the work of three people, with lots of support from others.

dansmith_btc email dansmith[ten.puesir@] gpg fingerprint: 3B2D 3D0D 9497 AAFB 2F0D 607F 26D2 CEEF D163 1C90

oakpacific email oakpacific[moc.laimg@]

Adam Gibson email ekaggata[moc.laimg@] gpg fingerprint: 4668 9728 A9F6 4B39 1FA8 71B7 B3AE 09F1 E9A3 197A Download public key. other accounts: waxwing freenode IRC: waxwing , bitcointalk waxwing